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Bouncy N Crazy - Adventure Time

Bouncy N Crazy is a cartoonic graphics adventure game in which your objective is to take Mr. Bouncy to the end of level by controlling him through motion sensor of phone and jumping through the obstacles. This game features 25 levels of FUN, 3 themes and high-scores to compete with others. Join Mr Bouncy to help him in his cute journey and have FUN !. Click Here For More Details & Downloads !

USEoSMS - A solution to improve notification system

USEoSMS is an SMS Server Software for Symbian 3rd & 5th edition phones especially designed to improve school/colleges current notification system. The goal of the project is to replace the old notification table system which is not very efficient with a technological, economical and effective system. Click Here For More Details and Downloads!

Brain Bash - Time To Exercise Your Brain 

Brain Bash, a cartoonic-graphics game which is designed to maximize the mental performance of kids or adults. This game support multi-accounts , 2 levels of difficulty for kids & adults, 10 sub-levels & 3 round in each sub-level i.e Maths, Logical, Memory & Visualization . It also feature high-scores to compete with other players of this game. Click Here For More Details & Download !

SajiOS (Sajid's Awesome Shell)

SajiOS is a powerful shell developed for S60 Phones powered by Flash Lite & Python. It is developed for those end-users who are bored of one type of interface and want some change in their user interface experience . Click Here For More Details & Download!

SWFxME (Extend Flash Lite Using J2ME)

SWFxME is an open source project developed to extend Flash Lite with J2ME via Local HTTP server (written in J2ME code) and to provide more power to the developer by making a hybrid application. By using SWFxME, one can package a swf file in a .jar package and distribute it via single jar file.Click Here For More Details & Download!

SajiFS Launcher (Full Screen Flash Lite Content Launcher)

SajiFS Launcher
FS Launcher is an end-user as well as developer freeware solution to play/test PC mouse based flash games in full screen on S60 5th edition phones with a close button without modifying the source of the game. It can launch the swf files in two resolution i.e stretched & normal. It is a hybrid application developed using Symbian C++ & Flash Lite. Click Here For More Details & Download!

Call Alarm

Do any of your relative usually forgets to turn the alarm on or you just want to wake up someone without disturbing your sleep?. Than this software is designed for you. Call alarm automatically gives a call to a number at specified time and it is bundled with some useful features like easy to use interface, multiple alarms and different calling strategies. Click Here For More Details & Download !