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Description :
SajiOS is a powerfull shell designed for the people who are bored of one type of interface. It is developed by Sajid Ali Anjum(SajiSoft) using Flash Lite & Pys60 for Nokia S60 phones.It has many features like cutominizing themes, adding your own icons, calender, clock etc .

Version History :
Version 5 - S60 v3 phones with 240x320 resolution supported only.
Version 4 - S60 v2 (0S7 & OS8) phones are supported only
Version 3 - S60 v2 OS8 phones are supported only
Version 2 - S60 phones with resoltion 176x208 supported only
Version 1 - first release

Features (v5) :
  • On first time run , it asks your username , usericon and password .
  • Log-In Screen Added.
  • Themes Feature Added. Now , you can custominize sajiOS with different themes .
  • 3 themes included by default .
  • A vista style sidebar is created with alpha transperancy + clock + calendar + media player + notification alerts for unread msgs , profile and misscalls..
  • You Can Add Your Own Icons and Wallpapers..You can add 12 icons in SajiOS Fl 2 version + 26 common icons are included.
  • You Can Make Calls by SajiOS Phone Pad.Just press * key at desktop and Phone Pad Appears..
  • Icon manager is created . So , one can easily add icons on the desktop , submenu apps and startmenu shortcuts. As icon manager automatically detects installed apps and No need to remember the paths any more .
  • Media Player In the sidebar with built-in file manager to open files  .
  • A more flexible SajiOS control panel is added to change wallpaper/themes and different seetings.
  • KeyPad lock feature added. Now, you can lock your keypad by holding * key in SajiOS .
  • You can switch b/w profile silent/general by holding # key.
  • More features to reveal yourself . 
Download SajiOS v5 :
SajiOS v5 needs Python runtime, Flash Lite 2.0 or higher & Open Signing to work. Follow these steps :
Download SajiOS v5 .

SajiOSv5 (zip file)
File Size: 1060 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

2. Install Python Runtime to phone memory(included in .
If your device doesnt have FL 2.0 or higher then search on google for Flash Lite 3 sis for S60 v3
4 - Extract zip , take SajiOSv5 sis to for open signing.
5 - Provide your email address & IMEI there ( and they will send you a signed SajiOS sis file in ur email address.
6 - Now install PythonForS60_1_4_5_3rdEd.sis (provided in the above zip file) to Phone Memory .
7 - Install SajiOS signed sis fie to Phone Memory too.
8 - Remember: Python & SajiOS should have to be on the same drive i.e phone memory.
9 - "I got certificate error while installing SajiOS". Please, read step 5 again to solve this issue.

Note: SajiOSv5 only works with the phone memory .

Download SajiOS v4 (Support 2nd edition phones only) :
SajiOS v4 comes with embedded Python Runtimes . Just check mark Python runtimes while installing SIS .
- SajiOS v4 for OS 8.1 phones like N70, N72 etc.
SajiOS v4 OS8.1 (Zip File)
File Size: 1389 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

- SajiOS v4 for OS 8 phones like 6630, 6680 etc
SajiOS v4 OS8 (Zip File)
File Size: 1388 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

- SajiOS v4 for OS 7 phones like 7610 , 6600 etc
SajiOS v4 OS7 (Zip File)
File Size: 1349 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Download SajiOS v3 (Support 2nd edition phones only) :
- SajiOS v3 is of no use after the release of SajiOS v4. However, if u still need the installation package download it from here but remember you have to install Python on your phone yourself .
File Size: 266 kb
File Type: sis
Download File

Download SajiOS v2 (Support 1st Edition phones & onwards) :
- SajiOS v2 is a very previous release now but it is the only release which supports Nokia S60 1st edition phones.It just needs Flash Lite 1.1/2 to be installed on your device :

SajiOSv2 For FL 1.1 (SIS File)
File Size: 140 kb
File Type: sis
Download File

SajiOSv2 for FL 2.0 (SIS File)
File Size: 148 kb
File Type: sis
Download File